Ask Andy!

Welcome to the debut of our new Grawlix question and answer section, ‘Ask Andy?’ Ben and Adam said they would actually prefer it if I handled this job, and said they were ‘way too busy’ and ‘no one gives a shit’.

Dear Andy: I noticed that Adam Cayton-Holland is clearly the only one of you who cares about his personal appearance, and I guess that it makes sense, considering he is the cleverest, most handsome character. Was this a conscious decision on part of the group, or just a pleasant coincidence?

-Thanks for noticing! I hate to pull back the curtain and reveal this showbiz secret, but we actually have clothing sponsorships. Companies pay us to wear their clothes! It’s a great way for them to advertise in a very low-key way, and for us to get some great free clothes. Adam is actually sponsored by Banana Republic, while Ben is sponsored by TJ Maxx. I am sponsored by Goodwill. (Let me know if anyone needs a great deal on a lamp, I GOT THE HOOK UP!)

Dear Andy: in Episode 3 you appear to take quite a beating from Ben Roy. Did you use a stunt double, or was this a ‘special effect’ as seen in the movies? Either way, I loved it.

-Funny you mention it, there is a clause in my contract with the group that provides that I take any violence in person and unsimulated. I received the full beating from Ben Roy over several agonizing takes, then was immediately rushed to the emergency room. I had several skull fractures, a broken nose, missing teeth and a ruptured eyeball. After extensive surgery and facial reconstruction, I was good as new 8 months later! Of course I couldn’t be missing from the episodes for that long, so in many subsequent scenes we used my body double, Slobek Millicovich (look for the birthmark on his neck!)

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-Wow, thanks for the interest! And the great bargains! I went ahead and attached my credit card number in the reply, as well as my social security # (so you know it’s me!!!). Keep coming to the show, and send any more hot deals you come across my way!

Dear Andy: What’s next for The Grawlix? If you ever bring your show to Montana, be sure to stop in Crabtree!

-Well, we have an upcoming Holiday special with Buntport Theater on December 30th, and we’ll be debuting episode 4 of our web series! As for visiting Crabtree, I’d LOVE TO. And I’ve been telling Ben and Adam all along, when we take this show on the road, let’s steer clear of the big cities! It’s so played out to only tour the big cities, booooring! I want to hit the smaller towns where real Americans live, like Dickenson, North Dakota, Lincolmb, Texas, and of course, Crabtree Montana! Look for us in your town or even hastily erected circle of shacks in 2012!


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