First Grawlix of 2015 with stand up comic Barry Rothbart headlining! January 30th at The Bug Theatre!

A word from Adam on the upcoming comedy show in Denver.

After a Thanksgiving Grawlix and a Christmas Grawlix and a mid-month Hannukah Grawlix at Adam’s house that he invited all of you to and NONE OF YOU ATTENDED BECAUSE YOU ARE ANTI-SEMITES we here at Grawlix INC LTD are excited to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Yes, the holiday shows were fun and special and unique – except for the Hannukah Grawlix which literally was just Adam and his dog Annabel and a menorah – but you know what? We do this shit all the time, girl! Holidays or no, we throw comedy bangers on the regular so is it any surprise we would come correct in January?

Adam, his dog Annabel and a menorah

Adam, his dog Annabel and a menorah

The answer is no. No it is not any surprise.

This month, in addition to brand new (plagiarized) sets by we Grawlix Three, we are delighted to welcome Brent Gill into the Grawlix fold. Brent’s been destroying microphones for years now. It’s become a nasty habit. Comedy clubs ask him not to come back because he literally ruins microphones. But we don’t care if he dismantles the microphone with that little spy kit he brings with him everywhere, as long as he tells a few jokes through it first so be it!

Justine Marino will also be joining the gang. Justine has numerous TV credits we could throw at you but we’re most impressed with a credit she refuses to brag about: she’s the founder and first cover girl of 17 Magazine! YOU GO GURL.

Upcoming Comedy Show with Barry Rothbart

Barry Rothbart headlines the Grawlix January 30, 2015.


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Barry Rothbart flying in from Handsome Town, USA to delight you with his comedy stylings then seduce you with his baby blues. In addition to being one of the funniest comedy cats out there (we do things like call people “cats” now, we’ve become insufferable), he also has done Conan and out-danced fucking urrybody in a little movie you may have heard of called, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Add maybe one, two secret surprise guests that evening and we got one hell of a show there don’t we?

The answer is yes. Yes we do.


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