Grawlix October 26 episode 21

Oh gurl it’s almost that time again! As the leaves undergo their chromatic transformation into autumnal bliss, so do the members of The Grawlix, as they prepare for winter. Adam has taken to stockpiling nuts (and hard candies he has mistaken for nuts) inside his walk-in closet. Ben has stopped his fitness regimen, and is now on a strict diet of Kraft brand foods and TLC programming to build up a layer of subcutaneous fat for warmth. And Andy? Andy’s just using his credit card to buy Halloween costumes 

he can’t afford and is too old for. He can’t even fathom November.

We know we brought you a great Andy in the form of Andy Peters last month, but we’re giving you another fantastic Andy in October with Andy Haynes! Andy has been a favorite of ours for a long time, and now his career has quickly eclipsed ours with his recent Conan appearance. Godspeed, Andy, and if you wouldn’t mind dangling those tuxedo tails a tad lower…

In addition to Mr. Haynes, we also have Eli Braden coming in! If Rob Delaney is the king of Twitter, then Eli is the prince. Eli has performed on the Howard Stern show, if any of you are into ‘that sort’ of ‘thing’.

And as always we bring you the local comics we love, this month it’s Jordan Doll and Abbey Jordan, two of the most creative comics in the scene.

So get dressed up and preview your Halloween costume (it’s the only way you’re getting any free Illegal Pete’s tickets) and come have some fucking fun for once. Sorry I kind of lost it at the end there.

Tickets are 10 bucks. Show is Friday, October 26, 2012 starts at 10:30 but get there by at least 10pm. The Bug Theater is located at 3654 Navajo St. Denver, Colorado
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