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If there’s one thing we at the Grawlix are about, it’s championing bold, right wing rhetoric. Three cheers for Lord Santorum! May the United States follow your intelligent design all the way to the streets of Tehran!

But if there are two things that the Grawlix is about, the other would probably be championing great comedy. For in addition to providing you with original (stolen from obscure, undetectable sources) material, we also like to think of our selves as something of a tastemaker when it comes to comedy. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

  Back in the diznay, when we operated under the banner Los Comicos Super Hilariosos – a title we had to abandon after a drug cartel very curtly informed us that was their improv troupe’s name – we were able to bring in such comedy luminaries as Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, Kyle Kinane, Moshe Kasher, Arj Barker and Jasper Redd to dance our little dick-joke dance. And dance it they did! Some of them danced so hard they actually got sick from it and vomited (Kinane).

  In our current incantation “The Grawlix” we have been able to bring you such great acts as Kumail Nanjiani, Chip Pope, the Sklar Brothers, and T.J. Miller. But we’ve also been able to bring you great up-and-coming comedians, who may not be household names yet, but are certainly on their way, comedians like: Mo Welch, David Gborie, and Bryan Cook, a terrible human being and alcoholic, sure, but a funny fucker none-the-less. Not to mention an arsenal of rising Denver comedy stars who continue the tradition of great comedy in this city (Jordan Doll, Mara Wiles, Fine Gentleman’s Club, etc., etc., there’s so many, just so many.) And for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this month, FOR WHICH THE SHOW IS AT 9 P.M. NOT 10:30 FOR THIS ONE TIME ONLY we’re operating under the “ain’t broke, don’t fix” model and bringing in one James Adomian.

        If you don’t know who James Adomian is then you better axe somebody. Seriously grab an axe and drive it into someone’s back because you deserve to go to jail for attempted murder for not knowing who James Adomian is. His site says it best: James Adomian is a daredevil dancing queen renowned for the many masks he wears and his fiery populist satire  — but don’t you know deep down he’s just a kitten?

        He was also a finalist on Last Comic Standing, has been in movies and on TV a bunch but is perhaps best known in our little darling, alt-comedy circles as the funniest guy on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, the guy who does all the fucking hilarious, ridiculous, weird impressions. Por ejemplo, here he is playing a drunk Orson Welles. 

So come on out and celebrate one year of the Grawlix by allowing us to introduce you to James Adomian. Or if you already know him, come see him once again. You shan’t be disappointed.  Unless you’re Bryan Cook. Because in that case life is just a series of disappointments for you, and it really has nothing to do with who our guests are or are how the show goes. It’s just some shit you have to deal with your own self. 

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